Tailored treatment to our patients’ unique needs 

Whether you are a single individual dealing with addiction, executive professional, someone dealing with chronic pain or a parent, Indiana Center For Recovery tailors treatment specific to everyone’s needs to make families whole again. We believe that no two patients are the same. Their circumstances for entering treatment are a result of varying factors, therefore we meet patients and families where they are at in life by tailoring treatment specific to each of you. We also have found that patients are most successful when they participate in treatment with peers who have similar life circumstances and are going through similar life stages, such as college, parenthood, successful careers, and retirement to name a few. This understanding is the premise for making our programs so specific.

 Client-Based Treatment 

  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Routine Medical Care Provided
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Medication Monitoring As Needed
  • Chemical Dependency Assessments
Indiana Center For Recovery Bloomington, IN
Indiana Center For Recovery

 Selecting The Best Treatment 

There are several ways to approach any addiction and every case is different. The best approach is one tailored to the specific needs of the individual with a clear goal in mind. Selecting the right treatment program starts with the first call or interaction. When it’s time to take action, finding the right facility can become a daunting task. ICFR takes our clients and loved ones by the hand and helps them through this process.

At Indiana Center For Recovery, we attend to not only the physical aspect of addiction, but also to the emotional & spiritual aspects as well. Our highly trained team of professionals believe in our patients’ inherent ability to change & we do all that we can to promote the growth & renewal of everyone who is entrusted into our care.

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