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explained text: top five relationship red flags

Top 5 Relationship Red Flags

Red flags tell you something is wrong in a relationship. Learn five common red flags in relationships from Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Man pulling apart ropes ripping it.

4 Signs to Set Better Boundaries in a Relationships

Unclear boundaries in a relationship create problems for healthy feelings and connections. Learn four signs you need to set better boundaries in a relationship.

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Friends celebrating 4th of July.

Surviving Fourth of July Sober

Surviving the Fourth of July sober requires planning and discipline. See how the Indiana Center of Recovery can help you stay on the road to recovery.

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two guys talking

How to Talk to a Newly Sober Person

When someone is in the early stages of their recovery process, friends and family members play a significant role in their success. Learn more here.

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Friends celebrating new years

How to Have an Alcohol-Free New Year’s Eve

Ring in the New Year with joy and sobriety. Discover five creative ways to celebrate an alcohol-free New Year’s Eve, including hosting your own party, finding local festivities, and more, ensuring a memorable start to the new year.

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Map on car.

10 Sober Things to Do in Ohio

Being a sober individual can sometimes make you feel like an outsider in a society. Fortunately, an abundance of sober things to do in Ohio exists if your goal is to have fun while staying abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

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couple on sober date.

10 Best Sober Date Ideas

When romantic expectations or intimate hopes are involved, the pressure rises, and inevitably, so does the anxiety factor. Many couples on a first date will naturally incorporate alcohol into the experience.

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Woman staring into lake.

10 Sober Things to Do in Michigan

Here are 10 sober activities in Michigan that can keep you occupied as you continue making your way through recovery in a drug and alcohol rehab program.

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Man with pet dog.

How Adopting a Pet Can Help You Stay Sober

Those who are fortunate enough to recognize the signs of addiction in themselves have already taken a vital step towards getting the treatment and help they need.

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Hat and backpack on bench.

10 Sober Things to Do in Illinois

Discover top 10 sober activities in Illinois. From hiking to museums, enjoy fun & exciting options. Find your new favorite sober activity now!

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