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Drug and Alcohol Detox In Fort Wayne Indiana

Fort Wayne is a wonderful place to live in. With a population of 276,286, this city is a cultural and economic center of Indiana. Life here is nothing short of a dream, so much so that it has consistently received the All America City Award. Learn more about rehab in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Fort Wayne was built in 1794, The United States Army under the jurisdiction of Anthony Wayne built several forts and Fort Wayne was the last of them. This fort was named after Antony Wayne, in his honor. Since this area served as a trading post, it received a lot of economic activity.

At the moment, Fort Wayne’s economy is doing exceptionally well. It is specifically centered around healthcare, business, and financial services. The city creates employment for people as it is the center of the defense industry. In addition to that, the city has always been a source of attraction for its topography. Two rivers, Mary’s and St. Joseph, divide the city into three parts. The people living here can account for its excellent life. However, if you take a deeper look into the city, you will see how many different problems have plagued those who live here. The biggest of which is drug addiction.

Allen county wrote 175,000+ opioid prescriptions in 2020. In 2019, 678 hospital visits and 112 deaths in allen county due to drug overdose. Drug and Alcohol Detox In Fort Wayne Indiana

The drug addiction problem is an increasingly alarming problem that has affected Fort Wayne and the entire state. A significant population of this city is turning to drugs to atone for their sorrows. This rapid increase in drug addicts is a cause of worry for the residents of Fort Wayne. Drug addiction is a complicated phenomenon and not easily understood by many of us. It is called an illness because of the inability of the drug addict to lead a normal life and control the impulse to take drugs.

People who suffer from drug addiction lose complete control of their life as they focus exclusively on getting drugs and consuming them. They get isolated by society and their loved ones, which only pushes them further down the dark tunnel. Drug addiction is not an individual problem, but it is a problem for the whole society. If it is not addressed soon enough, more and more people will gravitate towards drugs. This will further lead to disruption in society.

Do You Use Drugs? 

Drugs are very common in Indiana, you might be taking drugs and not realize that you are addicted to them. If you take drugs and have them constantly on your mind, you most likely are addicted to drugs.

8,000,000 opioid prescriptions were written by providers in 2020. More hoosiers now die from drug overdoses than car crashes. Drug and Alcohol Detox In Fort Wayne Indiana

There is only one solution to this, and it is to seek help. There are several rehabilitation centers that can help you overcome your addiction. The only hurdle between you and seeking expert help is you, yourself. You must seek help as soon as you possibly can. 

Many people start taking drugs as a way to fit in with the cool crowd. This leads people to get entangled in the web of addiction. The most affected group of people are young adults. They are the ones who consume the most drugs. Since these people are the city’s future, they must start seeking help before it gets too late. Rehabilitation centers can offer you the best and most comprehensive help with your drug or alcohol addiction.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers In Fort Wayne 

If you live in Fort Wayne, you are in luck as you get many different options to choose from as clients of rehabilitation centers and group therapy treatment options. Rehabilitation centers are of several different kinds. But all of them serve the sole purpose of helping patients fight drug addiction.

These rehabilitation centers offer comprehensive medical and psychological treatment to help you overcome your drug addiction. Drug addiction, as stated earlier, is very complex. You may have several physical health and mental health concerns while you take excessive amounts of drugs. It is important to address these health issues when providing rehabilitation services.

Indiana's overdose deaths by opioids graph. 1,246 opioid related deaths in 2020 Drug and Alcohol Detox In Fort Wayne Indiana

With rehabilitation services, you also get Detox, CBT, and other group counseling services. These services together help you recover from drug addiction and be able to sustain your recovery. However, the very first thing you need to do is reach out. The treatment center will help you realize which kind of drug addiction treatment you need. They will take a complete medical history from you and perform assessments to come to a conclusion. Then, viewing your entire case, they will provide you a treatment plan.

This treatment plan might not be available at all rehabilitation centers, which is why you must pick the right one for you. Here are some of the available programs:

Our Nearest Facility

Residential Treatment Program 

This program is for all the people who are having a tough time leaving drugs while in the same environment. The residential program helps people leave toxic environments and get the help they need in a supportive environment. Residential programs provide patients with residence until they complete their rehabilitation treatments. These programs are the most successful in helping drug addicts to recover through medical detox, case management, and more.

Partial Hospitalization Program 

This type of rehabilitation program offers a convenient way to get rehabilitation treatment. Patients can spend a good part of their day in the facility and get the treatment done. These patients can go home as soon as they complete treatment. This allows patients with pressing commitments to get the treatment they need without any worries.

Outpatient Program 

If you opt for an outpatient treatment program, you do not have to spend a lot of time in the facility. You can get short quick sessions of your treatment and be off to do whatever it is that demands your attention. However, this treatment is not suited for people with higher severity of addiction. Family therapy and life skills are often part of these programs, a vital part of the recovery journey for anyone living with addiction.

25.37 indiana adults engage in binge drinking. 26.54 american adults engage in binge drinking Drug and Alcohol Detox In Fort Wayne Indiana

Recovery Support Groups 

Alcoholics Anonymous 

If you want to share your feeling, but judgment scares you, you must participate in an Alcoholics Anonymous group. It will help you keep your anonymity, and you will also talk about your struggle with alcohol addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous 

Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, you can attend a support group for people suffering from substance abuse. These groups help you realize that you are not alone. Some people have the same problems as you, which can come as a relief.

SMART Recovery 

Science has a solution for most things, and in the same way, it has a solution for drug addiction. SMART Recovery is a scientifically proven way to address drug addiction. It uses scientific backing to treatment that is result-driven. It is ideal for people who are skeptical about getting other forms of treatment.

Al-Aon and Nar-Anon Meetings 

Drug addiction can be quite taxing on the loved ones and family members of addicts, which is why it is a good idea for them to get treatment. They have to suffer a great deal of trauma that should be addressed to avoid more severe problems in the future. Indiana Center for Recovery offers treatment plans for patients themselves and people close to them who have a substance use disorder. 

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