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Outpatient Services Mishawaka

The Mental Health Treatment Center with More

The state’s largest adult mental health provider, Indiana Center for Recovery-Mishawaka in South Bend offers the comprehensive outpatient services needed to soothe any mental illness (including substance use) and satisfy any client. Whether you are in discomfort or full crisis, you can find help through our open doors and many levels of care.

We give complete, medically integrated care to adult patients who are chronically ill or feeling unwell for the first time. Regardless of an individual’s condition, identity, religion, or history—we treat each patient to exceptional mental health care using a whole health model for total wellness. Every service—from physical health to mental, emotional, and spiritual health—is on-site.

Our standards for practice are higher, and our rates of recovery exceed the average. Explore our catalog of high-quality services for clients below to learn how you can find your path through the recovery process through our programs.

Outpatient Services Made Personal

Our outpatient mental health services in Mishawaka are delivered by medical doctors, clinical experts, social workers, and psychologists equipped with the latest technologies for treating mental illness. 

Through a combination of traditional medicine, therapy options, psychiatry, specialty programs, and patient perks—patients feel supported on their mental health journey to feeling restored and rebalanced by our systematic approach to personalized medicine for mental health problems.

Our Mental Health
Service Philosophy

Indiana Center for Recovery’s outpatient program services place emphasis on total wellness. That means that we attend to every area of our client’s well-being to ensure they feel enriched on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and personal.

From the start, patients move through intake with a complete, compassionate assessment of their needs prior to starting our programs. By understanding the unique strengths and challenges they bring to the therapeutic process, we can form an individualized treatment plan designed to give them the best results and most comfortable experience of care.

We believe that no two people—and therefore conditions—are the same. As a result, we tailor each mode of treatment to the person in front of us because we know your health depends on getting the personal, in-depth attention you need to get better and become resilient. Behavioral health services are better for it.

Integrated Medicine

Integrating medicine into mental health condition care means taking a look at all the systems of the body to see how they contribute to how you are feeling, thinking, and behaving. 

Many people who struggle with depression, for example, also experience chronic pain; and, some who deal with posttraumatic stress disorder can have sustained injuries during a traumatic event. Being able to treat the whole person in one healthcare setting allows us to make the most of the treatment experience for patients who are looking for relief—however they can find it—from illness—wherever they may hide in the body. 

Because our specialists are trained to appreciate the interconnectedness of medicine, they are better able to treat patients with precise therapies that improve their overall outlook and recovery time.

Co-occurring conditions like PTSD and depression or anxiety and substance use disorder are common to the American experience of mental health issues, illnesses, and disease. 

When one condition is successfully managed, the other can swing in to take progress back from the patient and set them back to where they began. But, when both conditions are attended to through coordinated, complete medicine and care—patients make speedy, satisfied recoveries that impress them and their loved ones. 

You may not realize you currently have a co-occurring condition (or dual diagnosis) that has made previous medication, therapy, and counseling or support ineffective until now.

Pain is a frequent feature of the experience of mental illness. The image of the mentally ill is one who is suffering in pain and agony over thoughts of harm, worry, and disaster.

This is not always the case. Sometimes the pain can be quite literal, manifesting itself in the body in unexpected ways that disrupt different areas of life and wellness. These include digestion, weight, fitness, energy, and especially the physical feeling of anguish. Treatment can ease these pains simply by addressing the core cause of the ailment and illness.

Pain can be managed in mental health treatment through meditation as well as specific therapies, medications, support groups, and more.

People who live with disabilities often experience the biggest block from receiving exceptional mental health services that actually help them to improve their lives for good.

We offer services that are so holistic and full, any patient can benefit from our services. No matter the existence of a physical limit or mental obstacle that has hindered them from seeking treatment in the past. We are here to offer careful and compassionate treatment to all without the usual limits.

Psychotherapy Options

Outpatient therapy is one of the most essential, effective, and difficult to access treatments available to those experiencing mental illness and substance abuse

By being able to speak to someone, perhaps for the first time, you can share intimate thoughts and profound feelings that make a difference in your perception of the world around you. As you explore your own ideas about yourself, your relationships, and your feelings—you may start to see how things can change for the better.

We offer individual, group, and family therapy options in almost every mode to suit any condition, identity, and need for change that positively responds to talk therapy.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is a supportive environment for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas to stir change in your life. You can use the time to explore the past, plan the future, and understand what may be blocking you from currently achieving your wellness goals.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy uses bilateral stimulation of the eyes, hands, or ears to signal new pathways in the brain and unlock new connections. It allows you to move beyond your traumatic experiences with newfound hope and resilience.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy emphasizes mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance to effectively manage intense feelings and difficult stressors that trigger episodes for people who have not previously learned these skills.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy shows the connections between our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. It makes clear how behavior change is possible by starting with control over what we think and observing how that makes us feel, leading to profound changes in action.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, among other modes offered at Indiana Center for Recovery-Mishawaka in South Bend, focuses on how accepting a situation and committing to a course of action can lead to real, noticeable differences in how we feel and act.

Support Groups

Sometimes connecting with people of similar backgrounds, experiences, and feelings gives us the strength and courage to stand up to our own challenges. Indiana Center for Recovery in Mishawaka near Michigan allows people to absorb the wisdom of others through group therapy, shared narratives, and open discussions structured by trained clinicians and counselors. 

Family Therapy

Families take on an important role in the treatment process. By family members being there for their loved ones, they must also learn how to change with the patient and adapt to new ways of thinking about their loved one’s behavior and their needs. Indiana Center for Recovery is there to support every community with information and encourage the positive features that touch our patients’ lives, even at home.

Genetic Testing

With GeneSight testing, a proprietary lab-based test, you can have your genetic material analyzed to determine the right medication for your condition and body type. This means you can lower the risk of negative side effects while increasing the possibility of positive results. 

Medication Management

If you already have a schedule of medications that work for you, Indiana Center for Recovery is available to continue your care under the guidance of our licensed psychiatrists. We offer refills, dosage adjustment, and prescriptions so that your condition is always under control. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment

If you need medications to assist your recovery from an addiction to opioids or other substances like alcohol, our psychiatrists can help with FDA-approved interventions designed to minimize withdrawal symptoms and lower the risk of relapse with minimal complications.

Spirituality Programs

We support patients’ development of meaning and purpose in their lives—no matter what religion or belief system fulfills them. We offer programs to help enrich a sense of connection with the sublime as patients begin their rich journey into sober, stable living. 

Technology for Treatment-Resistant Conditions

Our experts and leaders pursue the latest and most innovative approaches to healing illnesses that traditional methods don’t affect. When medication, psychotherapy, and support groups fail to bring results, we use TMS, psychedelic therapy, and added techniques to bring recovery.

First Responder Program

Veterans, police, firefighters, EMTs, correctional officers, and others can benefit from programs designed with their needs and values in mind. We tailor services to those who have served because we know they carry a heavy risk for substance use and mental illness

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Multiple diagnoses can complicate treatment in ways many providers are not systematically prepared to observe and account for. With medical integration and full-suite services, we treat every element of patient health to form holistic wellness without the typical setbacks. 

Patient Perks

Beyond our many treatment modes designed to transform the lives of our patients, Indiana Center for Recovery also gives an edge to patients who need a little more from their mental health care through medical treatment, personalized care, and transportation services. 

Complete Care

The benefit of a mental health center with medical integration is easy to see. The connection between the body and brain is immense and cannot be separated. When you treat one, you treat the other. Indiana Center for Recovery gives this in-sync treatment directly to patients.


Most community mental health centers are known for their one-size-fits-all approach. A classic intake. A case manager. A therapist. A psychiatrist. None of them seem to coordinate. But, Indiana Center for Recovery focuses on patients first, making treatment one-of-a-kind.


A common obstacle to mental health care isn’t just insurance or motivation; it can be as simple and material as transportation. That’s why Indiana Center for Recovery patients receive transportation services to help them get to and from appointments whenever necessary.

Conditions We Treat

As a full-service mental health treatment center, Indiana Center for Recovery treats every symptom of discomfort documented by psychological science, and we have experienced clinicians for all of the most common mental illnesses and cognitive needs.

Populations We Serve

Indiana Center for Recovery is committed to serving all patients. That means we target treatment for those most common conditions as well as those populations that are under-served by other systems in the healthcare system. 


Veterans and military find a mental health care haven at Indiana Center for Recovery by enjoying custom treatment plans designed with their values, purpose, and common ailments in mind. They feel supported and understood in our programs.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Individuals identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, or non-conforming also call Indiana Center for Recovery a safe space for recovery. We support every identity and its expression in the world as people pursue lives that give them meaning.


Those who live with mental illness or a mental health condition can live their lives and discover symptoms at any point in their lives. We treat adults regardless of advanced age, including seniors. If you feel that another provider doesn’t understand your needs, reach out to us for more information.

Indigenous Peoples

Historically, the indigenous people of the United States have been excluded from healthcare settings because of a lack of understanding and compassion. Indiana Center for Recovery works with tribal organizations to form alliances and bridges to care.

People with Disabilities

No matter how visible or invisible a disability may present in a person’s experience, Indiana Center for Recovery is a place of acceptance. We are here to support people and to fully actualize their highest version of themselves through exceptional mental health care.