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Stop Alcohol Today

When someone uses alcohol for an extended period of time, they become dependent on it. Alcohol dependence makes it very difficult to stop using alcohol. Once someone is dependent on alcohol, they experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop. They may also be unable to function without it. The best way to stop using alcohol is to enter a treatment program that specializes in alcohol treatment.

Holistic Treatment Philosophy

At Indiana Center for Recovery, we view each person as a whole. Our philosophy originated from the idea that each individual recovers in a different manner. Our facility focuses on daily progression, understanding that this process differs for everyone. 

Proven Therapeutic Treatment Methods

Our dual diagnosis treatment facility offers our patients a variety of proven therapies and treatment modalities. Patients work hand-in-hand with licensed addiction therapists to identify the traumas and mental health disorders that may have led to their addiction.

Reputable Team of Addiction Experts

Our team of highly trained addiction specialists set us apart at Indiana Center for Recovery. Each member of our staff takes pride in being able to help those struggling with addiction successfully recover. Our staff are unlike any other!

State Of The Art Treatment Facility

Our beautiful treatment facility offers a full continuum of care for all patients. Inspired by modern style and comfort, our facility offers a variety of features and amenities that make Indiana Center for Recovery feel like home.

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