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Family Rehab and Treatment Programs in Indiana

Indiana Center for Recovery values family involvement in the treatment process. We have created a structured family program that allows you to participate in your loved one’s care.

Addiction affects all members of the family. Often, family members develop coping mechanisms that are not always helpful in the recovery process:

  • Ignoring the problem, or denial
  • Punishing or using “tough love” to control a loved one
  • Trying to control what their family member does, or has, in an effort to stop drug use
  • Disowning the family member or alienating them
  • Living in anger and resentment

Feeling supported and understood makes the treatment process easier for family members. The addicted family member is removed from the situation and placed in a safe environment. This creates a sense of relief and safety. This is only a beginning! Families affected by addiction often feel isolated and alienated, and our goal is to help you prepare for discharge and beyond.

Every family is different. We invite you to participate in your loved one’s recovery process. Family therapy and our family program support and educate family members and promote positive coping and communication strategies.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identifies two primary goals for family involvement in addiction treatment:

  • Provide helpful support for the individual in drug treatment. Individuals in substance use disorder treatment improve their chances of long-term recovery through family therapy. Therapy lowers the chance of relapsing and assists in changing behaviors and attitudes.
  • Improve the emotional health of the family as a whole. The purpose of therapy is to encourage trust and forgiveness among family members. Additionally, it eases conflict and the sense of continuing crisis by dispelling negative emotions.

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Jackie Daniels
Jackie Daniels, LCSW, MSW – Family program facilitator

Opportunities for Family Participation at Indiana Center for Recovery

There are several valuable opportunities for family members or loved ones to participate in our program.

  • Family Communication.
    You will receive regular updates from a therapist, case manager, or other staff member involved in your loved one’s care.
  • Family Therapy.
    Family sessions are conducted with a trained therapist. They are conducted at a time mutually agreed upon by all participants, and when therapeutically appropriate.
  • The Family Program.
    Indiana Center for Recovery hosts a 2-day long family program once monthly. This weekend is recommended for all families and is based on registration.

The Family Program

The most powerful way families can become involved in their loved one’s treatment at ICFR is to attend a weekend family program. Convenient for those that work or have to travel, the weekend begins on Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. Our weekend family programs are conducted monthly, and are designed to be a mid-program experience.

Family members are invited to participate in the 2-day program and will walk away feeling more confident, empowered, and supported. Workshops on topics surrounding drugs and alcohol, the recovery process, mental health, trauma and family supports are offered. Follow-up family support is available as a result of the weekend program both online and in-person.

Materials provided include an interactive workbook, and a family recovery plan. The workbook assists in cementing learning during the weekend. The family recovery plan is a tangible and structured way to address concerns, boundaries, expectations, and family strengths.

Common Family Program Questions

  • Who Should Attend?
    We invite immediate family members, and anyone that will play a role in their loved one’s recovery to attend the weekend program. We recognize that family is not just those that are blood-related. Each patient may have up to 4 family members or loved ones attend.
  • Can Children Participate?
    At this time, we welcome any family members or loved ones over the age of 18.
  • Will I be able to Visit with my Loved One?
    For an hour after the Saturday program, visitation is held at the venue. Passes and extended visitation time are at the discretion of the primary therapist for each client.
  • Will Meals be Provided?
    Breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday will be provided, free of charge.
100% of attendees recommend attendance at family weekends to other families. 91% of attendees feel the recovery plan is a valuable tool for their family