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Personal Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Indiana Center for Recovery recognizes the pains and challenges of those who have served for our freedom. Veterans’ service never goes unnoticed, which is why we strive to give back and help those affected during their service. Indiana Center for Recovery offers a veteran treatment program to help those struggling with mental health and substance abuse.

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Indiana Center for Recovery invites veterans struggling with substance use to seek personalized care for addiction and mental health. We give substance abuse treatment through custom drug and alcohol detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient health care. Our program for veterans frees national heroes from addiction after they return home.

Post-deployment, veterans suffer pain and the lasting effects of trauma. Witnessing and experiencing tragedy, they must endure intrusive thoughts, memories, and feelings. This may leave them feeling out of control. Veterans risk becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol without coping or counseling. Personal addiction treatment can return those who serve to their role as fathers, sisters, friends, and leaders.

Veteran Alumni Group
Veteran Alumni Group

Our alumni gain access to resources and special connections long after completion. Staying in touch with participants, building supportive groups, and offering advice for ongoing self-care—we advance recovery beyond our grounds.

Connected Housing
Connected Housing

Safe, stable transitional home environments further your independence. In supportive housing, you cultivate community and autonomy while celebrating your recovery with recreation, peer support, and job assistance.

Who We Serve

First Responders
We offer our legacy programs at no cost to first responders who are suffering one of the sharpest spikes of increased suicides over the last two years.
Active Military & Veterans
Our dedicated and hard working professionals have committed their lives to helping you or your loved one get better. Life does not have to be a prison and we help our patients thrive.
Doctors & Nurses
The high-stress environment of hospitals and assisting patients and doctors can affect nurses on a mental and emotional level, especially during pandemics and times of unease.

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Veteran-Friendly Treatment

Our treatment program typically begins with medical detox to safely get rid of the substance from the body and manage withdrawal symptoms. When substances are fully out of the body, individuals are placed in residential treatment. During residential treatment, they live in our housing facility with other veterans and first responders in a safe and stable home environment. Through this environment, individuals can cultivate a sense of community and support.

Residential treatment is used as a transitional phase between detox and outpatient treatment. They are provided with medical care, behavioral therapies, and medications if needed. These treatment methods are strategized to help reduce mental, emotional, and physical pain while also treating substance abuse. Our program is designed to treat several medical conditions, mental health disorders, and VA disability.

When residential treatment is completed, individuals are transferred to our outpatient treatment. They have the choice to move back home or choose to live in a sober housing community and continue to receive therapy and medication treatment as needed.

We prioritize community support in recovery, which is why we created a veteran and first responder alumni group to stay in touch after outpatient treatment. Alumni have access to resources for local sober networking. This allows our heroes to stay in touch with others, build supportive sober friendships, and offer peer support groups for ongoing recovery beyond our treatment center.

Therapies Offered for Veterans

We recognize that no person is the same; therefore, no personal struggle would be the same. We create personalized care to meet each person’s need for effective treatment.

Here is a list of some frequent therapies used:

Our approach is to be effective and target each condition for all veterans and first responders in our care.

Our Locations

We accept most insurance plans.

We accept a wide range of insurance plans, ensuring that many treatments are available with minimal to no direct costs to you, depending on your insurance coverage. Our dedicated insurance team will confirm your coverage, benefits, and any specific requirements to both ensure the medical necessity of treatments and to reduce your expenses.

To access treatment at Indiana Center for Recovery, please verify your insurance with us. Our insurance professionals are here to liaise with your insurance provider, clarifying the full scope of your coverage options on your behalf.

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Use Your Coverage at Indiana Center for Recovery

Substance use disorders qualify for VA disability benefits because of their severity and impact on work. Depending on your diagnosis or other conditions, the Department of Veteran Affairs will decide disability benefits.

Once you contact us, Indiana Center for Recovery will verify your eligibility for the program, and with in moments, you can start treatment on our expert, compassionate campus.

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