100% of Family Program attendees recommend Family Weekend to other families. 91% feel the Recovery Plan is a valuable tool for their family.

Family Rehab And Treatment Programs In Indiana

At Indiana Center for Recovery, we understand the pivotal role family support and involvement play in the recovery process. Addiction can be isolating, and family members often suffer silently alongside their loved ones. Our commitment to holistic treatment includes family programs designed to empower families with the knowledge, tools, and emotional support needed to navigate these challenging times. We aim to provide a lifeline of support, education, and healing to all those impacted by addiction.

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Importance Of Family Involvement In Recovery

When a family member struggles with addiction or mental health issues, the entire family can be affected. Some common challenges include:

Families often find themselves facing emotional turmoil, strained relationships, and overwhelming questions about how to help their loved ones. Over time, they may also develop unhealthy coping mechanisms like ignoring the problem or trying to control their loved ones. These coping mechanisms must be unlearned for everyone to heal. When family members are actively engaged in the treatment process, patients are more likely to achieve lasting recovery.

Our approach to family involvement is grounded in the belief that recovery is a journey taken together. We aim to address the isolation and alienation often felt by families affected by addiction. Our goal is to equip families with the tools and knowledge to prepare for discharge and beyond, ensuring a smoother transition to life after treatment.

100% of Family Program attendees recommend Family Weekend to other families. 91% feel the Recovery Plan is a valuable tool for their family.


Goal Of Family Programs

There are two primary goals for family involvement in addiction treatment, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

One of the most significant benefits of our family programs is the support system they create. Families often experience a rollercoaster of emotions, including guilt, anger, confusion, and fear. Our programs provide a safe and nurturing environment for families to express their feelings, share experiences, and gain emotional resilience. Engaging in our family programs can also lead to stronger and more resilient family bonds. Many families find that the recovery journey brings them closer than ever before.

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We accept a wide range of insurance plans, ensuring that many treatments are available with minimal to no direct costs to you, depending on your insurance coverage. Our dedicated insurance team will confirm your coverage, benefits, and any specific requirements to both ensure the medical necessity of treatments and to reduce your expenses.

To access treatment at Indiana Center for Recovery, please verify your insurance with us. Our insurance professionals are here to liaise with your insurance provider, clarifying the full scope of your coverage options on your behalf.

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Family Involvement At Indiana Center for Recovery

Indiana Center for Recovery offers several opportunities for family members or loved ones to actively participate in their loved one’s recovery journey. These opportunities include:

Family Weekend

Family Weekend begins on Saturday morning and concludes on Sunday afternoon. These monthly programs are placed in the middle of the treatment process, ensuring families receive the support they need when it matters most.

We encourage family members to take part in this enriching 2-day program, where they will emerge with heightened confidence, a greater sense of empowerment, and a network of families healing together. The program offers a diverse array of workshops covering essential topics like substance education, the recovery journey, mental health, trauma, and building family support networks. Following the weekend program, we extend ongoing family support opportunities, both online and in-person, to ensure that the benefits endure.

Participants will receive an interactive workbook and a family recovery plan as part of the program materials. The workbook is a valuable tool to reinforce the knowledge acquired during the weekend, offering practical exercises and space for reflection. The family recovery plan provides a tangible, structured framework for addressing concerns, setting boundaries, defining expectations, and leveraging family strengths to support the ongoing recovery process.

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