Outpatient addiction treatment aims to address the underlying causes of addiction, provide coping strategies, and foster long-term sobriety.

Outpatient Rehab At Indiana Center For Recovery

 Find hope in outpatient rehab at the Indiana Center for Recovery, where personalized treatment plans and expert support empower individuals to overcome addiction.

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Unlike residential treatment, outpatient programs allow individuals to continue living at home and maintain their daily responsibilities while receiving the care and support they need to overcome addiction. Whether you’re seeking treatment for the first time or transitioning from a residential program, outpatient treatment offers a supportive environment where you can address the root causes of addiction, learn essential coping skills, and build a foundation for lasting recovery.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, you’re not alone. We understand the challenges you are going through and are here to offer support, guidance, and effective treatment options tailored to your needs.

Outpatient addiction treatment aims


Overview of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a level of care designed to allow individuals to receive treatment in sessions instead of living full-time at the facility. The flexibility of outpatient treatment enables individuals to maintain their daily routines, fulfill work or family obligations, and gradually reintegrate into society while actively engaging in recovery. This is typically the ideal choice for patients with less severe conditions or who have already gone through residential rehab.

Outpatient addiction treatment aims to address the underlying causes of addiction, provide essential coping strategies, and foster long-term sobriety. Patients receive comprehensive care tailored to their unique needs and circumstances through individual counseling, group therapy, medication management, and holistic therapies.

Upon entering the program, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment to identify their needs, challenges, and goals. This assessment is the foundation for developing a customized treatment plan that addresses the patient’s unique circumstances, preferences, and recovery objectives.

Outpatient treatment also fosters a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals feel empowered to share their experiences, connect with peers, and draw strength from their community.

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We accept a wide range of insurance plans, ensuring that many treatments are available with minimal to no direct costs to you, depending on your insurance coverage. Our dedicated insurance team will confirm your coverage, benefits, and any specific requirements to both ensure the medical necessity of treatments and to reduce your expenses.

To access treatment at Indiana Center for Recovery, please verify your insurance with us. Our insurance professionals are here to liaise with your insurance provider, clarifying the full scope of your coverage options on your behalf.

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Outpatient Services

Indiana Center for Recovery offers a wide range of services through our outpatient treatment programs to meet the needs and goals of all patients in recovery. Below, we will explore these services in greater detail, exploring their unique benefits, approaches, and impacts on recovery. From psychotherapy sessions that pave the path to self-discovery to medication management that provides stability and relief and support groups that encourage connection, outpatient treatment services offer an integrative approach to healing.

Psychotherapy Sessions

Psychotherapy sessions provide a safe and confidential space for individuals to explore the underlying causes of their addiction, confront past traumas, and develop essential coping skills to navigate life’s challenges without resorting to substance use.

Led by experienced and compassionate therapists or counselors, therapy and counseling sessions in outpatient rehab treatment programs encompass diverse therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

During these sessions, individuals are encouraged to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Therapists work collaboratively with patients to identify maladaptive thinking and behavior patterns, challenge negative beliefs and assumptions, and cultivate healthier coping strategies.

Medication Management

Under the guidance of medical professionals, medication management aims to optimize the efficacy and safety of medications while minimizing potential side effects and risks. This integrative approach to treatment combines pharmacotherapy with other therapeutic interventions, such as counseling and support groups, to provide comprehensive care.

Individuals at our facility undergo a thorough assessment conducted by a medical professional to identify any underlying medical conditions, mental health disorders, or substance use issues that may benefit from medication intervention. Based on the results of this assessment, medical professionals develop a personalized medication management plan designed to address the individual’s specific needs and treatment goals.

Regular check-ins and follow-up appointments allow for ongoing assessment of medication efficacy, tolerability, and potential adverse effects, ensuring that the individual receives the most appropriate and effective treatment.

What We Treat

In our outpatient treatment programs, we provide specialized care and support to individuals struggling with addiction and mental health, helping them break free from the cycle of substance use, regain control of their lives, and cultivate healthier habits and coping mechanisms.

Below are a few conditions we treat at our facility:

What to Expect

From the initial intake process to ongoing treatment and support, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment where individuals can achieve lasting recovery and wellness. Our experienced professionals work closely with each individual to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to their circumstances and preferences. This plan serves as a roadmap for the individual’s recovery journey, outlining the various therapies, services, and interventions that will be incorporated into their treatment.

Once the treatment plan is established, individuals can expect to participate in a variety of therapeutic modalities designed to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. Group therapy sessions offer opportunities for peer support, connection, and shared learning to create a sense of community and understanding among patients. In addition to psychotherapy, individuals can expect to receive medication management services as needed to address withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and co-occurring mental health issues.

Throughout outpatient rehab, individuals can expect regular check-ins, progress assessments, and treatment plan adjustments to ensure patients receive the personalized care and support they need to achieve their recovery goals.

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Outpatient Treatment at Indiana Center for Recovery

As an institution accredited by the Joint Commission, Indiana Center for Recovery upholds stringent standards of care. Our team is full of seasoned professionals dedicated to excellence in addiction treatment. With decades of collective experience, our nursing and medical staff bring invaluable expertise to the table. This wealth of knowledge enables us to address the multifaceted challenges of addiction with precision and empathy, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each individual. Safety and comfort are paramount at our facility, reflecting our unwavering commitment to providing our patients with a supportive and nurturing environment. Call (844) 650-0064 to speak to a confidential admissions counselor and reserve your space in treatment.

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