October 21, 2021 Life

10 Sober Things to Do in Michigan

If you’re newly sober and live in Michigan, there are countless fun things you can do that don’t involve alcohol. Here are 10 sober activities in Michigan that can keep you occupied as you continue making your way through recovery in a drug and alcohol rehab program.

1. Socialize at Wing Heaven Sports Haven

Located in Lansing, at 3812 South Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Wing Heaven Sports Haven is a sober bar and restaurant you can visit to enjoy all the same features and amenities as a traditional sports bar without alcohol. This restaurant is opened and operated by two therapists who previously worked with a sober housing facility in Lansing and understand how challenging it can be for those in recovery to find fun things to do without alcohol exposure.

Wing Heaven Sports Haven offers mouth-watering chicken wings, burgers, and seafood dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and hosts fun events, including karaoke night on Wednesdays and DJ night on Fridays. Everyone is welcome to visit Wing Heaven Sports Haven, especially those in recovery who want to enjoy dining out without being tempted by alcohol.

Mackinac island

2. Spend the Day on Mackinac Island

Situated between Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas in Lake Huron, Mackinac Island is one of the top attractions in the state. This island is home to the historic Fort Mackinac, founded by the British in 1780 during the Revolutionary War.

Mackinac Island offers visitors a glimpse of historic life during bygone days — motor vehicles are banned from the island. Visitors can get to Mackinac Island by ferry, then spend the day exploring the many sites and fun activities available on foot, by bicycle, or in a horse-drawn carriage. Mackinac Island is an ideal getaway for those in recovery who can benefit from spending time away from modern life and reconnecting with nature, friends, and family.

3. Explore Pictured Rocks National Seashore

This highly picturesque attraction is located on the south shore of Lake Superior and offers lots of fun activities year-round, including hiking, camping, boating, skiing, and snowmobiling. Many visitors to Pictured Rocks National Seashore say its beauty is unparalleled, given the numerous historic lighthouses, small towns, waterfalls, and unique rock formations.

This top-rated Michigan destination can keep you busy all weekend long, especially if you enjoy being outdoors. You can spend hours taking in the beautiful views and scenery, collecting colorful rocks, and eating in restaurants that serve wild-caught fish while reflecting on your recovery journey.

4. Wander Through the Detroit Institute of Arts

Located in Midtown, the Detroit Institute of Arts has more than 100 galleries and 60,000 works. This museum spans 658,000 square feet and offers a variety of events and activities that can take up your entire weekend, especially if you love art. End your day listening to live music on a Friday night or watch an independent film at the museum’s Detroit Film Theatre.

Art therapy is offered at many drug and alcohol rehab centers to encourage patients to express and transfer their thoughts, feelings, and traumatic experiences into various art forms. If art is one of your new favorite hobbies, visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts may help propel your artistic abilities and inspire you to take it further.

university of Michigan campus

5. Explore the University of Michigan Campus

Many in recovery from drugs and alcohol decide to further their education after completing a rehab program. Spending the day or weekend at the University of Michigan can be an ideal way to reignite your motivation to continue pursuing your dream career.

Located in Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan spans 2,800 acres and is home to several museums and gothic structures. Visit the Kelsey Archaeology Museum, the Museum of Art, and the Museum of Natural History, then stroll to the nearby Matthaei Botanic Gardens or Nichols Arboretum to enjoy a picnic or a few peaceful moments of meditation.

6. Experience Peace on Windmill Island

Windmill Island is located in Holland, Michigan, in the western part of the Lower Peninsula near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Windmill Island is a 36-acre park with a robust flower garden that includes about 175,000 tulips. The island features an abundance of Dutch architecture, including a 1760s-era working windmill that was transported from the Netherlands in 1964. It also features a Dutch street organ and carousel and plenty of horses, gift shops, and other fun activities.

Windmill Island is a popular venue for weddings and other special events due to its unique beauty. However, those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction can find inner peace after spending just a few hours here among the many colorful flowers and abundant wildlife.

picture on kitch-iti-kipi

7. Go Rafting at Kitch-Iti-Kipi

Also known as the Big Spring, or the Mirror of Heaven by the Native Americans who discovered this area, Kitch-iti-Kipi is the largest natural freshwater spring in Michigan. It is near Manistique in the Palms Book State Park.

Swimming is prohibited at Kitch-iti-Kipi, though you can go rafting to get a closer look at the bubbling springs and many large fish that occupy this area. Its emerald-green pool is 40 feet deep and measures 300 feet by 175 feet, yet it is clear enough to see the very bottom. Bring a camera and prepare to spend the day snapping beautiful pictures and exploring the lush greenery away from society.

8. Buy Healthy Produce at Detroit Eastern Market

Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients that can naturally heal your body after a long period of drug and alcohol misuse. Accelerate and boost your recovery from addiction by purchasing fresh, healthy produce at the Detroit Eastern Market, located at the corner of I-75 and Gratiot Avenue.

Detroit Eastern Market is a large venue that sells produce harvested by Michigan farmers. In addition to selling fruits and vegetables, the market sells arts, crafts, and various other foods, including meats, nuts, teas, and coffees. Some local residents claim to do all their grocery shopping at Detroit Eastern Market, which means it’s worth checking out if your goal is to maintain good health after recovering from drug and alcohol dependence.

A beautiful park located in Michigan

9. Explore the State’s Many Beautiful Parks

Spending time in nature is one of the most therapeutic activities you can partake in after recovering from addiction. Surrounding yourself with wildlife can help reduce stress and anxiety, expose you to clean, fresh air, and separate you from negative influences and access to drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, Michigan provides endless miles of coastline, beaches, and greenery for those who want to escape daily stressors related to city life.

Map out the state’s most beautiful and popular parks, and make a point of visiting a major park on the weekends or at least once a month. Many parks in Michigan offer activities like hiking, camping, biking, and boating and are located near unique family restaurants and shopping venues that can make your trip more satisfying and worthwhile.

10. Take Up Fishing

Michigan is home to more than 11,000 lakes and hundreds of rivers, making this state highly ideal for those who like to fish. If you’re brainstorming about new, fun hobbies to take up after recovering from addiction, fishing may be one of your best options if you live in Michigan. Salmon, trout, bass, pike, herring, and perch are some of the many types of fish you can catch in Michigan—make sure you get an annual state fishing license, which is relatively inexpensive.