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Drug And Alcohol Detox Near Aurora, Illinois

Indiana Center for Recovery offers specialized programs for lasting recovery.

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Closeup of two people at a table with wine glasses. California Sober differs from complete sobriety by allowing limited substance use.

California Sober: A Flexible Approach to Recovery

Is California Sober the best choice to manage your addiction? Indiana Center for Recovery explores your options.

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Two people holding a glass of liquor.

Binge Drinking Dangers: The Harm of a Night Out

Discover the dangers of binge drinking and tips to curb excessive drinking at Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Pregnant woman holding a glass of red wine.

Pregnancy Wellness: No Alcohol, Less Risk

If you are at risk of pregnancy, reduce your alcohol consumption to avoid complications.

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Hand pouring alcohol in glass.

Navigating Alcohol’s Effects on Your Physical Well-Being

Discover what alcohol does to your body with Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Woman on couch. Mixing prescription drugs with alcohol can lead to dangerous interactions, intensify effects, and pose grave health risks.

Dangers of Mixing Prescription Drugs with Alcohol

Discover the dangers of mixing alcohol with prescriptions and find addiction treatment at Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Young woman reaching for illicit pills.

Understanding the Deadly Mix: Alcohol and Opioids

Alcohol and opioids should not be taken together. Find hope and healing at the Indiana Center for Recovery

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Glass of alcohol next to a pile of pills. Mixing alcohol with drugs intensifies sedative effects, impairing cognitive skills and judgment.

Impact of Mixing Alcohol With Other Drugs

Discover the dangers of mixing alcohol with drugs at Indiana Center for Recovery. Reach out for treatment today.

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Woman stressed holding her head.

Understanding Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Address substance abuse in the workplace with help from Indiana Center for Recovery. Find support today!

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Hand hovering over a glass of alcohol.

The Link Between Alcoholic Drinks And Alcoholism 

How many drinks can I drink before it’s alcoholism? Experts at Indiana Center for Recovery explain the true link here.

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Overcome Addiction at Indiana Center for Recovery!

Indiana Center for Recovery provides integrated care tailored to your recovery needs. Our comprehensive services include detox, residential programs, outpatient support, and family programs.

We also have dual diagnosis treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders.

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