November 5, 2021 Alcohol

Best Twitter Handles to Follow to Get Your Mind Off Drinking

For anyone who has experienced the detrimental side effects of excessive alcohol consumption, the decision to quit drinking altogether can be a life-changer.

Many quit alcohol to improve overall health. Some use it as a chance to refocus on mental health and know for sure they’re taking on life without the influence of a substance.

Others stop drinking out of necessity. This scenario is most often the case for a former alcoholic who is in the recovery process.

No matter the situation that brings you to this newfound lifestyle, sobriety has a way of being equal parts exhilarating and challenging.

Abstaining from alcohol is tough, especially when thoughts of drinking keep finding a way into your mind uninvited.

It can be understandably hard to reduce alcohol cravings or keep them at bay altogether if you don’t know how to stop thinking about alcohol in the first place.

So how do you get through those moments of temptation when they seem to exist in your very psyche? Beyond that, how do you combat your mind when you feel like you can’t stop thinking about drinking?

One of the many solutions may lie right within the world of social media.

How to Stop Thinking About Drinking Using Twitter

Many people point fingers at social media as a culprit for potential temptations, reminders, and triggers detrimental to recovery. However, if you know where to look, specific platforms can also provide a place of much-needed community and support.

Learning how to stop alcohol cravings doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a strategy.

That’s where Twitter comes in.

Various Twitter accounts prove that using social media for addiction and recovery isn’t a contradictory concept.

When you want to stop thinking about drinking, the following accounts are just a few highly recommended Twitter handles to keep on your radar for some well-deserved support, motivation, and laughs.

Funny Twitter Handles to Distract from Drinking

They say that laughter is the best medicine. There is no exception to this rule when it comes to finding routes to reducing your thoughts about alcohol and drinking.

Research has shown that laughter has significant short-term and long-term effects that are overwhelmingly positive. Laughter is most clearly an emotional enhancer, but it can also relieve pain, improve immune system function, and reduce stress responses.

Finding a way to laugh when thoughts of alcohol consumption creep in is a good way to boost your mood and refocus your thought patterns — not to mention, it’s fun!

To that end, Twitter is an oasis of potential for funny accounts that are well worth looking into. Once you’ve landed on a particularly humorous account, it’s easy to find yourself lingering longer than you planned—which is a good thing for your thoughts!

Yes, everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a funny Tweet. With that being said, many comedians on Twitter have a way with words and humor that put them towards the top of the list.

When your thoughts start moving towards alcohol consumption, consider following Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling). Kaling is a producer, writer, actor, and director most widely recognized for her work on The Office and The Mindy Project.

Her Twitter account is an homage to funny observations on completely ordinary things that happen in daily life. Her tweets put a comic twist on those mundane occurrences nearly everyone can find relatable.

From homeownership to shopping and raising kids, all of those universal topics are on the table in joke form.

Comedian and actor Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) is another Twitter contributor with a lot to offer in the way of laughs.

His entire career has been built on comedy, so it makes sense that he’s mastered the art of entertaining the masses in 280 characters or less. Check it out when you need a distraction from thoughts of drinking.

Finding a way to laugh when thinking about alcohol is a good way to boost your mood and refocus your thought patterns

Inspirational Handles to Keep You Strong

Whether you’re recently out of alcoholism treatment or you’re simply trying to figure out what helps with alcohol cravings, finding an inspiring Twitter feed to follow can help.

Inspiring tweets can be good reminders of what you’re working towards. Effective inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to be focused on sobriety to make things easier.

Take your mind off alcohol and soak up the inspiration when you follow People Are Awesome (@PPAVideos).

This account celebrates ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things in the world. From videos to short stories, you can get a glimpse into the lives of those who aren’t afraid to make a change for the better.

If you’re looking to get straight to the heart of some inspiring messages, Tiny Buddha (@tinybuddha) is the place to be.

This account is brimming over with stories that highlight how to take complex situations and simplify them. The focus is firmly on reducing worry and lifting others at the same time.

When You Feel Tempted, Learn Something New

Twitter is a platform full of diverse contributors. Because there are so many different types of accounts out there, opportunities to learn something new when you’re feeling inclined to focus on thoughts of drinking aren’t hard to find.

Challenging your brain to focus on a new skill or information is a good way to instantaneously redirect thought patterns.

It gives you a sense of control in a moment that can feel challenging. It also provides you with a path towards becoming a more well-rounded individual.

If you’re the type of person that loves learning bits of fun trivia, Fact Retriever (@factretriever) is an amazing place to start.

No, what you learn here might not come up in everyday conversation. However, it won’t hurt to have this knowledge if you have plans to participate in a trivia night or you’re simply looking to impress your friends.

For the literary lover, following Willy Shakes (@IAM_Shakespeare) provides you with an account you can always count on for your daily dose of well-worded inspiration. This account tweets the works of William Shakespeare one line at a time.

To date, the account has tweeted all of Shakespeare’s 112,000 written lines many times over. There seems to be no intention of slowing down, much to the delight of followers worldwide.

Boosting your vocabulary is a fantastic way to get your mind off drinking. It improves your communication skills while keeping you on a path toward sobriety.

When both of these are your goals, make sure to follow Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster). This account will keep you inspired to always be cultivating your inner logophile.

Sometimes, taking your thoughts out of this world works when you’re looking to distract from thoughts of alcohol use. That’s where NASA comes in.

Following the @NASA account can effectively transport you to a sci-fi universe and simultaneously offer incredible access to space.

This account features amazing feats of engineering. It’s also a hub for insight on current and past space exploration, highlighting missions and discoveries across the decades.

Accounts Highlighting the Benefits of Sobriety

Sometimes going directly to the source is the best way to remind yourself why sobriety is so important.

Looking at a lineup of successful professionals and celebrities who have overcome addiction and are living their best sober lives can be uplifting when darker thoughts threaten to cloud your mind and actions.

Sober Nation (@Sober_Nation) showcases recovery and those working through recovery in amazing and effective ways.

It’s also an account that provides access to literary and digital resources that deal specifically with recovery and help those going through the process focus on what’s important.

Author Brian McAlister, who penned Full Recovery, has a Twitter account by the same name that’s worth checking out when you could use a sobriety-positive boost during the day.

Check out @full_recovery for funny memes, inspiration, and encouraging messages on sobriety, as well as practical steps to take when you’re in the process of getting your life back on track.

Multiple Roads Leading to Your Best Life

While all of the Twitter handles mentioned above are sure to get your mind off drinking at the moment, it’s important to remember that recovery is a process unique to the individual.

Some days, you might need the humor to overcome those thoughts of drinking. Other days might ask you to dig deeper and look for sober-focused inspiration instead.

Taking time to pinpoint what you need to achieve successful outcomes is a sign of growth. With every Tweet you read and glass of alcohol you don’t pour, you’re one step closer to living your best life.