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Detox Rehab and Treatment in Indiana

Whether someone is addicted to opioids, alcohol, or prescription medications, a safe medical detoxification process is usually the most effective start to addiction treatment. We utilize the most innovative and effective medication-assisted detox protocols.

Our compassionate and caring staff use their expertise to create treatment plans that meet the needs of the individual. We are one of the only facilities nationwide that boasts a full-time, award-winning psychiatrist. Through the use of evidence-based therapies and medications, we ensure the most comfortable and safe detox process available.

If you or a loved one is considering treatment for substance use disorder, detoxification is the first step in recovery. Detoxification, or Detox for short, is where the body rids itself of harmful substances in order to begin healing from the addiction. Substance use disorder is a complex medical issue where individuals struggle to control their consumption of drugs or alcohol, even when faced with severe consequences. The focus of detox is to ensure the safe management of withdrawal symptoms as the patient’s body eliminates the substances. Common symptoms of withdrawal include intense anxiety, cravings, nausea, sweating and shaking. More severe symptoms may include paranoia, tremors and seizures. Withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on each patient and the severity of their addiction. Professional detox plays an important role in making sure the entire recovery process is safe, effective and as comfortable as possible for the patient. During detox, patients will receive unwavering support from a team of medical professionals and mental health specialists. Alongside support from the medical staff, patients may also be prescribed medication to help alleviate the withdrawal. Medications like anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines and methadone are used in treatment in order to help manage the uncomfortable symptoms. Detox is not a onesize fits all solution. Medical professionals at the facility will thoroughly assess each patient’s condition, taking into account factors like the substance used, the duration of use, and the individual’s overall health to craft a personalized treatment plan. While detox is crucial, it is only the first step in a patient’s journey to recovery. Upon completion of detox, patients will then transition into a comprehensive treatment program, including talk therapy and support groups. During this time, the patient acquires all the essential skills and strategies needed for a sustainable recovery. It’s imperative to engage in ongoing treatment and build a robust support network to achieve sustainable recovery. Detox sets the stage for recovery, but it’s the subsequent treatment and support that empower you to maintain a substance free life addressing the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction. In conclusion, detox provides a secure and supportive environment for patients to withdraw from drugs or alcohol with medical supervision, unwavering support and medication. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, reach out to a qualified healthcare provider or addiction specialist to start your recovery journey.

Inpatient Detox

Indiana Center for Recovery offers a comprehensive detox and residential program that centers around medical care and evidence based therapeutic models. Our detox facility is state of the art and was built with the patient in mind. It is our goal to provide the most comfortable, safe, and effective care available. Through effective treatment, we help patients overcome the barriers to recovery and build a life of success and long-term sobriety.

For most people who struggle with addiction, withdrawal symptoms cause them to continue use and make it extremely difficult to stop using. They are also a cause of the intense cravings that people experience, leading them to relapse. Thankfully, the Indiana Center for Recovery uses the most effective treatments available to treat and alleviate withdrawal syptoms.

We can effectively treat:

While under our care, all patients receive 24-hour medical supervision and care. We also have a full staff of therapists and other professionals that enable us to generate comprehensive treatment plans that focus on the individual needs of every patient.

At the Indiana Center for Recovery, you can rest well knowing that you will be comfortable and cared for while overcoming your withdrawal symptoms.

We understand that there are countless different types of substance use disorders and addictions. We are also experience in treating many mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Insurance we Accept

Most treatment comes at little to no out-of-pocket expenses—depending on your insurance. Our insurance team verifies your coverage, benefits, and requirements to ensure medical necessity and minimize costs.

Verify your insurance with Indiana Center for Recovery to receive treatment at our Mishawaka facility. Our insurance staff can contact the insurer on your behalf and expose all the details of your coverage possibilities.

Detoxing at Home

While there are still many people who believe that overcoming addiction just takes willpower, this is a common misconception. Withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and can be deadly.

Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person depending on a number of factors such as weight, age, and amount of use. Withdrawal symptoms can also be exaccerbated by medical conditions, causing them to be complex and dangerous.

Attempting to detox at home can be dangerous and puts people at risk to a long list of health risks. Depression, seizures, night sweats, and other more complex effects are common. Additionally, people who attempt to detox at home are more likely to relapse as they experience severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

However, a safe medical detox can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and ensure the treatment and care of the individual. This is why a medically supervised detox process is always recommended.

What to Expect

At the Indiana Center for Recovery, we provide an amenity-filled, updated facility that ensures comfortable care and effective treatment. Upon arrival to our facility, our medical staff and doctors perform an intake assessment that helps them generate an individualized treatment plan. This includes therapies, medications, and length of stay recommendations.

Our Staff and Expertise

Most people who are coming off of drugs and alcohol experience withdrawal symptoms during the first few days of detox. Through medications, therapies, and treatment, we ensure the most comfortable detox available today. Our staff are able to use their years of experience to formulate the most effective treatment plans for each patient.

The Indiana Center for Recovery is accredited by the Joint Commission and we only hire staff who are experts in the field. Our nurses and medical staff have decades of experience that allow them to understand each persons specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive a comfortable detox, allowing them to begin a successful road to recovery.

Indiana Center for Recovery, is your best choice. Whether you want to beat Darvon, Xanax, benzos, alcohol, or other drugs you are addicted to. We can help you with everything with our special Surboxol treatment.

At Indiana Center for Recovery, we are committed to doing everything we can to help people succeed and hope in the process of healing from drug and substance addiction.