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Drug & Alcohol Detox In Indiana

Indiana is the perfect pick for thousands of people around the world. People love it for skating and sledding, beach trips, and late spring hiking. There is something for everyone in Indiana which makes it the best vacation spot and the ideal living place. We also call it the crossroads of America and is the home to around 6 million people. Continue reading to learn more about the best Drug & Alcohol Detox In Indiana

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It is the 38th largest state by size and has endless opportunities for anyone seeking something new. It is also the home to several personalities like Michael Jackson and thousands of tourists every year. One would imagine that such a fantastic place would be ideal for people of all ages. However, youngsters in Indiana specifically, are up against a big problem: addiction.

Drug addiction has damaged the state and its residents for far too long. The area has had a history of drug addiction for several decades, and things seem to get worse every day. According to sources, half a million addicts are in the state of Indiana. This means that one in twelve Indiana dwellers is an addict. It is an alarming number as things are depleting at high rates. Experts suggest that we could see a great boost in these numbers within the next decade.

Drug & Alcohol Detox In Indiana more hoosiers die from drugs than car crashes

Most of these addicts use opioids and methamphetamines or alcohol depending on their preference. Thousands of kids, men, and women consume these addictive substances regularly, making it harder for officials to control this rampaging problem. There are various steps that the government is taking on official levels as well. For instance, the University of Indiana recently received a grant to research the increasing problem.

Drug overdoses have also doubled in the past decade, i.e., from 2010-2020, which is why it is a serious problem. Furthermore, the drug addiction problem has several after-effects like crime and domestic violence. Fortunately, there is hope in all of this. For starters, there are several drug rehabilitation centers that Indiana dwellers can reach out to.

Opioid Abuse In Indiana

Opioid addiction is one of the leading problems as we have mentioned before. There is a 48% increase in overdose rates in Indiana between 2015 and 2016.  The biggest problem with opioids is that they are readily available in the region as people are consuming opioids in various forms. For instance, heroin remains one of the highest consumed opioids in Indiana.

How did it begin?

The opioid abuse in Indiana began in the late 90s when doctors started prescribing these opioids to patients. You must already know that opioids are relaxants and for pain relief primarily. Experts initially thought that these opioids are not addictive, but later results were different. Doctors readily prescribed these painkillers without knowing their addictive outcomes.

Pharmaceutical companies started supplying more and more opioids as the demand increase. There were many users out of these who went to the hospital for treatment, and the problem soon became havoc. Experts claim that the death ratio rose to 12.5% per 100 people, and it became harder to control this issue. Several rehabilitation institutes are readily working to minimize addiction problems. All you need to do is reach out to them, and they will help you fight it now.

The biggest problem with drug or alcohol addiction is that most people think they are the only ones. Drugs have impacted Indiana and have left a noticeable effect on the rest of the U.S. These people tend to stay away from treatment despite direly needing it because they fear judgment and rejection. It is why good rehabilitation centers focus not only on the drug treatment but also psychological training of the victims. These treatments help realize that these victims aren’t the only ones dealing with this problem. Accepting this fact is the first step towards recovery from drug addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Detox In Indiana indianas overdose deaths by opioids

Indiana Drug Abuse

Indiana is at war with drugs for far too long because drug addiction isn’t limited to one or two kinds of drugs. People use several drugs which makes this worse for everyone. These drugs have life-impacting results not only on these addicts but their close ones as well. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) keeps an eye on the drug trends in Indiana at the state level. Their researches indicate that drug and alcohol addiction is both a serious problem for the people in Indiana. It is probably why treating both these issues goes hand in hand.

Indiana State Department of Health claims that drug overdose rates increased by 3.5% between 2011 and 2015. We also saw an increase in infections and several other health issues caused by opioids and drugs. For instance, injecting heroin through the needle is one of the biggest reasons for health issues worldwide and in Indiana. Indiana is also number one for Methamphetamine lab accidents, leading to several injuries and deaths.

All of this makes it pretty evident that drug addiction is a serious concern for Indiana’s future. It is why people need to start with getting professional help in the state.

Choosing a Rehab Facility in Indiana

Indiana has one of the best drug rehab facilities that one may come across. However, finding the right organization for your drug addiction might make the process faster. Several factors matter while choosing a drug rehab facility for your addiction. The kind of substance you use along with the severity of the addiction matters the most. It helps the experts determine what kind of drug treatment level is ideal for you. Once you choose the suitable rehabilitation process, the rest of the journey becomes easier.

All of these drug addicts need to go through an additional process of detoxification. The detox process includes removing harmful drug toxins from the body. It is a necessary step and quite an important one. The risk of relapse or starting with the drugs again is highest during this. This period may be highly uncomfortable because of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can often get severe, which is why people give in to their habit and start using drugs again.

Drug & Alcohol Detox In Indiana percentage of adults drinking

Having professional assistance during the detox process makes things easier because it involves medication and therapy. Both these things work together to help the users overcome their problems. You may also opt for out-of-state drug treatment if you feel like you have familiar triggers.

The out-of-state treatment allows the drug addicts to start with a clean slate and in a healthier environment. You can select the out-of-state location of your choice, or the institute can suggest to you one that works best. Either way, you could get the fastest treatment for your addiction.

If you are not sure where you should reach out to, you should start by visiting TreatmentIndiana.com. They are the best rehabilitation center in Indiana for people of all ages.  At Indiana Center for Recovery, you get:

  • Several rehab programs for addicts, including outpatient services, residential habilitation, etc.
  • Treatment via expert only teams
  •  Mental and physical therapies to help cope with addictive behaviors
  • Indoor and outdoor Amenities for a long term relief
  • Consulting for depression and anxiety
  • Assistance with minimizing withdrawal symptoms for a faster recovery
  • 100% patient confidentiality

Indiana Center for Recovery: Your Path To Sobriety

If you have finally decided to end your drug addictions, then feel free to reach out to Indiana Center for Recovery, as we will be more than happy to help you out of your tough times. They can also help you get the proper treatment for your drug addiction and improve your overall chances of becoming an active member of society again.

We will help you get medically assisted drug and alcohol detox so that you don’t have to deal with severe withdrawal symptoms later on. We understand that the process can be tiring and challenging, which is why we are willing to walk the distance with you.

We offer the best Inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare treatment; so that you can be worry-free while taking your treatment. It is a great way to ensure sober living housing. Our equine therapy will help you overcome your problems faster and help reap better results in general.

If you don’t think you can stay for the treatment throughout the day, you can choose our partial hospitalization treatment. It will let you get the necessary treatment while you continue with your daily life tasks. It is a great way to keep a balance between work and treatment that many people find difficult. You can also participate in various creative and recreational activities to help you cope with your addiction better.

We also provide yoga training for people inclined towards physical betterment. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you deal with; we will ensure that you get the help you are seeking.  Feel free to contact us via our official website, and we will get down to helping you immediately.