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Best Sober Apps To Boost Your Health

Maintaining sobriety is just as hard as achieving it during addiction treatment. When you want to change your lifestyle for good, it never hurts to have extra support in the form of an app you can use whenever you need it. That is the primary purpose of sobriety apps that you can keep in your handbag or pocket.

Indiana Center for Recovery can help you if you are going through addiction. We offer a residential program in a home-like setting, and medical experts provide treatment according to patients’ needs.

Key Takeaways

You can use your phone to connect with people who have struggled with addiction. Such mobile apps are a great way to learn new habits and manage triggers. Learn more about free sober apps and their features:

  • Apps like Twenty-Four Hours a Day and SoberTool are free.
  • You can keep track of your recovery progress and connect with new people.
  • A few apps also feature lectures from the Big Book by Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Various sober applications on the app store can play an important role during and after your recovery from addiction.

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Various sober apps on the app store can play an important role during and after your recovery from addiction.

Top Seven Sobriety Apps to Help You Stay Sober

In today’s world, modern apps provide individuals dealing with drug and alcohol addiction to keep track of their recovery. However, so many apps are available online it can be exhausting to find the right ones.

Below is the list of the best recovery apps for sobriety to help you choose the one that encourages you to maintain sobriety.


This app is designed for people who are recovering from substance addiction and anyone who wants to maintain sobriety. You can access SoberTool whenever you experience drug or alcohol cravings. People do not need to spend money since this app is free. You can download this app from the app store on android and ios devices.

If you want to chat with someone, you can communicate with an anonymous sober community on the app. This app is best for daily motivational messages. It has a search engine that can assist you in finding the content according to your need.

Sober Grid

The Sober Grid app is free to download with in-app purchases. It allows you to create an online profile. You can support and interact with people recovering from addiction through your profile. You can learn to cope with cravings through their personal stories.

This app is similar to Facebook and is like a sober social network. Sober Grid is helpful if you are traveling to a new city and want to connect with sober people by turning on a GPS.

This app offers a 24/7 support group system and tracks your overall recovery. You can choose whether to keep your information and recovery updates private or public.

Recovery Box

Recovery Box follows the 12-step method and includes guidelines from the Big Book of AA. This app features a sober day tracker, AA readings, and personal stories from people who have recovered from addiction.

I Am Sober

If you want to keep track of your sober days and milestones, download the, I Am Sober app. This app can help you to learn new habits. The I Am Sober app is your companion and has an extensive support system.

I Am Sober app has a daily pledges feature that helps you manage your cravings and continue your recovery. A withdrawal timeline will make it easier for you to prepare for withdrawal symptoms during detox. You can receive ongoing motivation from others who share their stories on the app.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

This sober app has a 4.9-star rating on ios and android. Twenty-Four Hours a Day is an easy-to-use app that helps you find inspiration with 366 daily meditations. To use this device, you have to shake your phone slightly, and a message of support will pop up on your screen.

This app offers inspirational quotes and meditation on a daily basis. It will help anyone connect the Twelve Steps to real-world situations and give AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA members the strength to maintain sobriety.

AA Speakers

In today’s digital world, you can be part of AA meetings by listening to the audiobooks of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA speakers’ app provides you with an opportunity during addiction recovery.

You can listen to other recovery speakers and audiobooks on this social media app. These tapes include the full text of the Big Book.

Pear Therapeutics

This app is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to help individuals dealing with substance use disorders. Pear Therapeutics can make positive changes in your life through a 12-week program. This app assists users during the treatment program through motivational lessons.

At Indiana Center for Recovery, we offer our patients cognitive behavioral therapy to help them learn new skills and coping mechanisms. You may attend this session as an individual or group therapy session.

Role of Technology in your Sober Journey

Alcohol consumption can impact the activity of your brain, which is why the recovery process is complicated. After achieving sobriety, you need support and guidance to adopt healthy habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your smartphones can provide you with a support system whenever you need it. The developers have created various mobile apps that help individuals like you to achieve or maintain sobriety. This app offers the following advantages to its users, such as:

Easy to Access

After recovery, individuals might relapse because they cannot handle the trigger. Triggers can be anything like a toxic environment at work or some people’s behavior that might cause you to relapse. You will carry that support network with you by accessing an app.

Sobriety Calculators

Sobriety calculator apps allow you to monitor your sober days and progress. You can keep track of recovery milestones. You can build new habits with such apps.

Affordable and Free Apps

Many smartphone addiction apps are either free or have a small one-time payment. With such affordable prices, everyone who requires recovery assistance can access it.

Anonymous Support

These addiction apps are a great tool to keep your recovery private. There is no need to contact a helpline, join a support group, or go to a counselor in person. Apps for individuals in recovery enable them to secretly and privately seek support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best sobriety counter app?

There is no one app that will be appropriate for every person dealing with substance addiction. Each app has its own unique features that can benefit users differently. The best sobriety est apps are the ones that offer educational resources that can help you to understand the dangers of addiction.
Since recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is challenging to do alone. So choose the app that connects you with other sober people. Moreover, you can check the review and ratings of apps online, which will help you to decide the suitable app for yourself. Some of the well-known sober apps are:
I Am Sober
Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Is there an app for stopping drinking?

You can try the Reframe app to decrease or stop alcohol consumption. This app is designed to improve the quality of your life and help you drink less. Another app that you can use is EasyQuit. The EasyQuit software can assist you in quitting drinking either instantly or gradually.
It includes many features to help you stay motivated, like reminders, financial savings, and details about your body’s health and how it gets better without alcohol. You can choose from various sober apps on the app store based on their ratings and features.

Are there any free sober apps?

Many beneficial apps are available for people dealing with substance use disorders. Various apps are free of cost and are easy to use. You can choose from the following free sober apps.
You can use the Sober Grid app. It is a social media platform that offers a news feed similar to Instagram or Facebook. It enables users to access information and connect with others who are recovering.
Recovery Box helps you keep track of your daily life progress. This app will help you to overcome unhealthy behaviors and habits.
The Sober app provides support and assists you in healthily maintaining sobriety.