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How Does Alcohol Addiction Start?

Learn how alcohol addiction starts and practical approaches to overcome it with Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Klonopin Addiction: Signs And Symptoms

Learn the telltale signs of Klonopin addiction with the recovery experts at Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Split screen displaying: Bipolar I: Manic highs and depressive lows. Bipolar II: Hypomania and severe depression.

Mania to Hypomania: Comparing Bipolar I and II

Indiana Center for Recovery reveals the key differences between bipolar I and II. Click to learn more.

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Woman depressed staring outside of window

How Depression and Anxiety are Linked

Overcome depression and anxiety with personalized care at Indiana Center for Recovery. Find hope and healing today!

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Woman sitting with her turtleneck pulled over her face.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Exploring Root Causes

Learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and its effective treatment options with Indiana Center for Recovery

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Two teenage boys on an outdoor basketball court, one smokes something.

Addiction in Teenagers: Curiosity to Crisis

Indiana Center for Recovery explains the stages of teenage addiction. Click here to learn more.

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Profile of a woman sitting on a couch with her head in her hands

Mental Health Addiction: The Connection

Discover the intricate link between addiction and mental health with Indiana Center for Recovery.

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A group of teens sitting together.

Adolescent Addiction: A Growing Concern

Learn why addiction develops in adolescence with Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Man sitting on bed, distressed.

OCD and Anxiety: Exploring the Complex Relationship

Find hope in managing OCD and anxiety at Indiana Center for Recovery. Get expert care for lasting recovery.

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Woman eating a salad.

What Causes Eating Disorders in Teens: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn the underlying causes and effective treatment of eating disorders in teens with Indiana Center for Recovery.

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Overcome Addiction at Indiana Center for Recovery!

Indiana Center for Recovery provides integrated care tailored to your recovery needs. Our comprehensive services include detox, residential programs, outpatient support, and family programs.

We also have dual diagnosis treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders.

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