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Explained text: 8.5 million persons received dual diagnoses of a drug use disorder and a mental disease in 2017

Rehab refers to organized courses that teach participants how to quit drugs or alcohol and lead healthy lives successfully. There are many choices for addiction treatment services available to Indiana residents. To assist people of the state in achieving long-term recovery, this Indiana drug rehab facility, Indiana Center for Recovery, offers inpatient treatment and various levels of care.

Customized treatment plans, group therapy, mental health counseling, and other services are provided by the Indiana Center for Recovery. Other substance use disorder treatment options are gender and age-specific, allowing you to heal alongside those you connect with the most.

Indiana Center for Recovery Identity

We have assembled staff at Indiana Center for Recovery that is highly qualified and experienced. Our medical team, mental health technicians, and therapists are committed to fully involving patients in the healing process and are willing to give you Medicaid.

Our goal is to serve each person entering our establishment with the kindness and respect that we expect from a member of our family or close friend. We have developed a program exclusive to Indiana that puts the patient first using experienced staff, campus community environment, established treatment process, and dedication to achieving the most outstanding results.

No one should have to go through a treatment episode again, so we make every effort to make each patient’s experience unique based on a dedication to long-term recovery.

The Intention Of Comfort

Our patients at Indiana Center For Recovery can start remaking their lives in a relaxing, safe environment. This is significant, meaningful work that merits every measure of respect.

With You, We Work

You will start building a recovery plan with the help of your treatment team and our treatment center that is strengthened by tried-and-true professional best practices and points you in the direction of your life. You may discover all the resources you need for a sober lifestyle here, emphasizing techniques you can use at home.

Learning About Yourself and Your Addiction

Long-term objectives and a sense of long-term vision are necessary for maintaining sobriety. Patients must be persistent in their recovery with goals that are deeply entrenched in what gives them comfort and calm for their healing to endure over time.

Although this vision differs fundamentally for our clients, it is always generated through a methodical and exacting process that necessitates substantial effort and hard labor. Your therapy team and other residents greet you when you arrive. Our experts will work with you to create a complete image of your genuine self, including what inspires, motivates, fascinates, and makes you feel whole.

No matter how individualized the path, you must first comprehend the difficulties that await you on your road to recovery before you can commit to moving forward. You will gain a fresh perspective on addiction at the Indiana Center for Recovery, supporting your efforts to find a new way of living.

Comfortable Settings

Our expansive grounds enable us to provide an actual “residential” experience (residential treatment program), where visitors live and receive care in relaxing surroundings around the clock at the residential treatment center.

In this environment, our visitors receive highly personalized, relapse-fighting treatment plans to support their ongoing recovery after returning home to their daily lives.

Choosing The Best Drug Rehabilitation Program For You

When selecting a substance abuse treatment program, several aspects must be considered, mainly if you or a loved one has already visited a drug rehab facility.

  1. Dual Diagnosis Rehab and Treatment in Indiana
  2. Addiction Rehab and Treatment in Indiana
  3. EMDR Rehab and Treatment in Indiana
  4. Integrated Care Addiction Treatment in Indiana
  5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatment in Indiana
  6. DBT for Borderline Personality Disorder | Indiana Center for Recovery
  7. Dual Diagnosis Rehab and Treatment in Indiana

Addicts who also have mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder are frequently diagnosed with both conditions. Dual diagnosis is a word that describes this occurrence.


The only comprehensive continuum of a care facility in the state is the Indiana Center for Recovery. Our medical director is a board-certified psychiatrist, and we also have licensed mental health counselors and on-site nursing available around the clock. We also provide dual diagnosis treatment, 12-step programs, and EMDR therapy.

Dual Diagnosis Cases Percentage

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health’s annual report, 8.5 million persons received dual diagnoses of a drug use disorder and a mental disease in 2017. Accordingly, one respondent out of every four who participated in the poll took drugs and had a mental illness.

Signs of Dual Diagnosis and the Need for Treatment

When someone has both a mental illness and a substance use issue, that is the main indication that they need a treatment center for a dual diagnosis. Notably, this becomes most problematic when a person starts to withdraw from their relationships or struggles to complete daily chores while controlling their substance abuse.

A person who uses drugs or drinks alcohol regularly will develop a tolerance to those substances, which leads to heavier use of both.


One of the few facilities in the country, Indiana Center for Recovery, has a full-time, award-winning psychiatrist serving as our medical director.

The institute establishes a gold standard for detoxification, and our detox techniques are current.

Our in-house dietician, nursing staff, and private chef collaborate to make the experience as comfortable as possible. An environment that is nurturing is necessary. Our residences are warm, comfortable, and friendly. The freshly refurbished units feature hardwood floors, modernized appliances, and new electronics, all incorporated to help patients feel completely at home.

There various levels of care available, including residential treatment at the residential treatment center, outpatient detox, and partial hospitalization (PHP)

Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Indiana

The evidence-based drug addiction treatment, addiction detox, and comprehensive addiction assistance programs are Indiana Center for Recovery’s areas of expertise. We provide specialized therapies for significant, epidemic illnesses like alcohol addiction and opioid dependency while assisting recovery from all types of addiction.

Our drug addiction treatment programs strive to alleviate cravings, uphold sobriety, and cultivate new, healthy coping mechanisms for a fulfilling


Addiction can result from trauma, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is one of the best psychotherapies for treating both traumas that result in addiction and frequently co-occurring illnesses like anxiety and PTSD.

Heal Addiction and Diffuse Trauma

Addiction could affect you or a loved one. It’s possible that they tried and failed several times to heal totally without relapsing. In this situation, EMDR therapy at Indiana Center for Recovery can assist in locating the root of the addiction and helping to replace it with empowering, life-affirming beliefs for a brighter future.

Integrated Care Addiction Treatment: What Is It?

Multiple disorders are treated in a coordinated manner through integrated care addiction treatment. It allows a patient to receive care for their entire being—body and mind—improving the effectiveness of addiction therapy. Some patients have been proven to be more prone to relapse or stop treatment without integrated care.

Increase Happiness and Treat Addiction

Some of your pain may result from healthcare systems, therapists, and psychiatrists failing to coordinate your care properly. They abandoned you and let addiction creep back in.

Indiana Center for Recovery provides a comprehensive approach to treating addiction and other problems, in contrast to these fragmented treatments. Learn the value of treating people as a whole.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a psychological therapy and talks therapy technique used to treat patients by assisting them in recognizing the difficulties and negative thoughts they are experiencing, which in turn impact their general output and behavior.

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to acknowledge destructive thought processes and alter them. Such a person can see difficult situations more clearly and deal with such obstacles effectively thanks to a transparent and altered mental process.

The patient is an essential component of the entire therapy session, which makes cognitive behavioral therapy distinctive. The coping mechanisms learned are beneficial for overcoming that particular issue and future obstacles in life.

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment with DBT | Indiana Center for Recovery

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in which you identify dysfunctional thought processes that contribute to problematic behaviors, significantly influences DBT. In contrast to other medicines, including EMDR, DBT turns these patterns into practical abilities that may be used in DBT sessions to enhance coping and create better thinking and behavior patterns.

It’s not just you. Although we know addiction is a challenging and complex disease to treat, we are also aware that recovery is attainable.

Family Program

The Indiana Center for Recovery acknowledges the contribution of families to the healing process. We have developed a structured family program that enables you to be involved in the care of your loved one.

Addiction has an impact on every family member. Family members frequently learn coping skills that aren’t necessarily beneficial for healing:

  • Ignoring the issue or denying it
  • Punishing someone or controlling a loved one with “tough love.”
  • Family members try to regulate what they have or do to prevent drug usage.
  • Alienating or disowning the family member
  • Living a life of rage and bitterness

Attending a weekend family program is the most effective approach for families to get involved in their loved one’s treatment at ICFR. The weekend is a convenient period that starts on Saturday morning and finishes on Sunday afternoon for individuals who work or must travel. Our monthly weekend family programs are meant to serve as a mid-program experience.

The 2-day event is open to family members, who will leave with increased self-assurance, empowerment, and support. Workshops on drug and alcohol use, rehabilitation, mental health, trauma, and family support are all available. The weekend program can be followed up with in-person and online family support.

Locating Indiana Center for Recovery

We are located in three central regions:

  • Bloomington Indiana
  • Mishawaka / South Bend
  • Indianapolis (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to opt for rehab facilities for your loved ones?

You need to know that different treatment facilities offer various services when looking for a rehab facility in Indiana. When you start looking, you’ll discover that some offer detox, and others offer outpatient counseling.

Therefore, you must be sure of the treatment option you and your loved ones desire. Rehab facilities typically offer a variety of therapies to help patients recover quickly. as well as outpatient treatment, aftercare, support groups (group therapy), educational programs, and partial hospitalization.

Therefore, choose the option that best suits your needs. Bridges of Hope and Indiana center for recovery are the two best options.