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The Indiana Opioid Epidemic

Coroner offices are running out of room for the overdosed bodies coming in. An incredibly high percentage of Indiana citizens, (let’s call them Hoosiers), abuses prescription opioids. Court systems statewide are in the process of improving response to the epidemic. Indiana has since 2011 had a higher percentage of drug abusers than the national average.

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Man in jail.

Indiana Jail Program Helps Inmates Recover

Unfortunately, no substance abuse treatment program with a 100% success rate exists. Each and every treatment facility tries its absolute best to turn drug addicts asking for help into sober people helping themselves. Plus, success in the treatment industry means long-term sobriety for patients, years and years after the program itself is over.

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Vivitrol: A “New” Medical Treatment for the Opioid Epidemic

In the United States, it’s estimated that 20.5 million people have a substance use disorder. Of those with a substance use disorder, 2 million are struggling with an opioid use disorder. The current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition (DSM-5) separates the severity of an individual’s opioid use disorder into three distinctive categories (mild, moderate, severe) that can help guide a provider toward an appropriate modality of treatment. The diagnostic criterion in the DSM-5 is listed below:

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The Drug Rampage Across America | Substance Use Disorder

Drugs have been around for hundreds of years. The evidence can be found in photographs, paintings, writing, and even the bible. It is no surprise that over the years it has only gained popularity. With increasing in manufacturing and quality of drugs, more and more people are using. We have had the largest jump in drug use that the United States has experienced in one year. It is clearly a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

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The white house.

The White House Response to the Opioid Epidemic

Our country is facing a lot of obstacles right now. The news seems to come up with something new every day that we need to worry about. While we have been focusing on what is happening structurally in our country as well as threats outside the U.S., there has been an equally substantial threat growing within the U.S.; the war on drugs.

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The Failing Fight Against War on Drugs in Indiana

Are the words “intervention” and “punishment” synonymous and equally effective in deterring a behavior? Suppose you catch your son or daughter drinking out of the milk carton in the middle of the night. Would you punish the child and take away a privilege for a week or educate the child on how germs are spread and try to build his or her moral character by discussing the idea of respecting those with whom he or she lives?

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Running up steps.

How to Center Yourself Within 60 Seconds

When you’re in the Center, there’s no resistance. Everything is. You are alive, alert, and active. An inner calm prevails. Abiding in the present moment, you act spontaneously. You don’t achieve this present awareness; it’s a result of being centered.

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Flower growing.

Why I Believe in Spiritual Growth

In college, I lived in the same dormitory as a very bright, funny young woman. She would pass out cookies to everyone on the floor. Her smile and easy-going demeanor made her someone you could talk to. She listened to me stress out over what major to choose, what classes to take. I became decent friends with both her and her boyfriend my freshman year. They appeared to be a happy pair with similar interests and personalities.

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7 Ways to Easily Interact with New People

When you find yourself having to speak to people you haven’t met before you can experience feeling shy and unsure how to break the ice or maybe you feel lost for words and wondering what to say. These are the tips I discovered to help make your interactions more effective

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